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Excel VBA Macro - Setting Page breaks for variable amounts of data

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Originally Posted in our Excel Help Forum

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ChrisBEE1 wrote
Hi all,

I trying to develop a macro to print my worksheets. Here's the problem, I never know how much data my end-users will incorporate into any one worksheet. In some instances, one worksheet can result in five pages or more of printout. How do I achieve the following:

1.) set a page break so that if, for example, I have 400 rows or 4000 rows of data that each page print 40 rows data.

2.) Print multiple row column headings on each page.

I would appreciate any help on the subject.
Hans Pottel provided a VBA solution
Sub PrintAreaWithpageBreaks()
Dim pages As Integer
Dim pageBegin As String
Dim PrArea As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim q As Integer
Dim nRows As Integer, nPagebreaks As Integer
Dim R As Range
Set R = ActiveSheet.UsedRange
'add pagebreak every 40 rows
nRows = R.Rows.Count
If nRows > 40 Then
  nPagebreaks = Int(nRows / 40)
  For i = 1 To nPagebreaks
     ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.HPageBreaks.Add  Before:=R.Cells(40 * i + 1, 1)
  Next i
End If
'can be used in a separate macro, as I Start counting the number of pagebreaks
pages = ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.Count
pageBegin = "$A$1"
For i = 1 To pages
  If i > 1 Then pageBegin = ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks(i - 1).Location.Address
  q = ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks(i).Location.Row - 1
  PrArea = pageBegin & ":" & "$H$" & Trim$(Str$(q))
  ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = PrArea
  ' the cell in column 1 and in the row immediately below the pagebreak
  ' contains text for the footer
  ActiveSheet.PageSetup.CenterFooter = Cells(q, 1)
'  ActiveSheet.PrintOut copies:=1
Next i
End Sub

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