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Thread: Add-ins Tab/Ribbon Missing 2007

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    6th May 2008

    Add-ins Tab/Ribbon Missing 2007

    I am a very basic user so bear with me. I imported an Excel spreadsheet from a computer running an older version of Excel to my computer with Excel 2007. I opened up the specially designed add-ins tab and started a new worksheet which I then saved. When the programme was closed and re-opened, the add-ins tab was missing so I could not continue working on my new file.

    Is this a compatibility issue between the versions of Excel (yet everything worked fine when freshly opened)? Following the help instructions I could not recover the bespoke add-in tab.

    Any ideas how I get this back each time I open the file? It is important I get the bespoke add-ins as they are designed to input runners taking part in a race and working out the results afterwards in various categories.

    Thank you.

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    2nd May 2008

    Re: Add-ins Tab Missing When Worksheet Re-opened

    Can you clarify what you mean by this:
    I opened up the specially designed add-ins tab and started a new worksheet
    as it doesn't mean anything to me. Are you talking about the Add-ins tab on the ribbon? If that has disappeared, then I suspect you have macros disabled.

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    Re: Add-ins Tab Missing When Worksheet Re-opened

    Right click on any grey unused area of any Ribbon and choose "Customize Quick Access Toolbar".

    OR, from the help.

    Load or unload add-in programs

    There are different types of add-in programs for Microsoft Office Excel that provide optional commands and features:

    Excel add-ins, such as the Analysis ToolPak and the Solver Add-in, are available when you install Microsoft Office or Excel.

    Additional add-ins for Excel can be downloaded from Downloads on Microsoft Office Online.

    Developers and solution providers usually design custom Component Object Model (COM) add-ins (COM add-in: A supplemental program that extends the capabilities of a Microsoft Office program by adding custom commands and specialized features. COM add-ins can run in one or more Office programs. COM add-ins use the file name extension .dll or .exe.) and automation add-ins.

    You must load an add-in before you can use it. After loading the add-in, the add-in program and its commands are available in one of the following locations:

    Data tab. The Analysis ToolPak and Solver Add-in are displayed in the Analysis group.

    Formulas tab. The Conditional Sum Wizard, Euro Currency Tools, Eurotool, and Lookup Wizard are displayed in the Solutions group.

    Add-Ins tab. The Add-Ins tab is added to the Ribbon, a component of the Microsoft Office Fluent user, when you load the first add-in for that tab. If you don't see the Add-Ins tab, you should exit Excel and restart it.

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    6th May 2008

    Re: Add-ins Tab/Ribbon Missing 2007

    Thank you both - have learned lessons here. It seems I have to open the main file and then the worksheet within it and the add-in tab is there on the ribbon. I can't just open the worksheet on its own. Sorry to have bothered you but thanks for your assistance anyway!


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