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Thread: Multiply Column Of Numbers By Fixed Number

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    Multiply Column Of Numbers By Fixed Number

    I just found this website because I'm stumped. I did a search myself, then went through the 5 pages the "Post" function brought up. I'm sure it's been asked before, I must just not be using the right words

    I need to tell every cell in one column to multiply itself by a firm number and a percentage.

    Ex: Column F will be the result of $77.80 times 75 percent all the way down the column. Column G will be $27.21 times 100 percent all the way down.

    I could enter the formula into every cell, but I wondered if there's a way to just tell the whole column, only once, what it needs to do. Thank you so much for your help!

    PS-I work for an insurance company. The employees of a company want a spreadsheet showing exactly who pays exactly what. Ex: Their paystub shows $142.90 coming out of their paycheck. Their employer pays 100% of medical, 75% of dental. The columns would show Total, Employer Medical, Employer Dental, Employee Medical, Employee Dental. I hope that makes sense. =/
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    Re: Multiply Column Of Numbers By Fixed Number

    I got Edit > Paste Special > Formula to copie a formula to a complete range.
    Parhaps could you have a look in the file attached using named cells.
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