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Thread: Powerpoint, Video Won't Play On Other Computers

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    Powerpoint, Video Won't Play On Other Computers

    hi everyone

    i'm totally new to PowerPoint
    having a bit of trouble adding a video or sound file that will play on another computer to a slide show.
    they play great on my computer ... but video's just show up as a black square on any other computer i send the slide show to ? and sound files just show up as a speaker .. and never play .
    after adding a video .. the file size . never changes .. i thought the size of the video should be added to the sideshow file,

    if anyone can help me i'd very much appreciate it,

    thank you in advance
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    hi .. i don't think you can embed a movie file ... been looking all over ... and everyone says you can only link a video file .. but if you put it in the same folder and send the whole folder .. it plays

    sorry to have been a pest ... i just couldn't find anything before ..
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    Re: Powerpoint, Video Won't Play On Other Computers


    As above you cannot embed a video in PowerPoint. You must send the video file and the presentation. You can embed sounds though

    have a read here (Sounds and Video sections)
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