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Thread: Format Time To Show Hours, Minutes & Seconds

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    Format Time To Show Hours, Minutes & Seconds

    When I format the cell to show a 24 hour clock of hh:mm:ss, the time that is displayed using the Shift-Ctrl-Colon (current time) only will show the current hour and minutes, but only displays 00 for the seconds no matter when I input the time. How do I get the currnt seconds to display using the short cut?

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    Re: Formatting Time

    If you have to do it by shortcut key then you could add this code to a module and assign it a shortcut key to it:

    Sub InsertTime() 
        ActiveCell.Value = Format(Now, "HH:MM:SS") 
    End Sub 

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    Re: Formatting Time

    Or, pre-format the cell before adding the current time.

    Edgewood, please try and be less generic with Thread Title. One like: Format Time Show hours, minutes and seconds would have been better.

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