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Thread: Center Picture In Cell

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    Center Picture In Cell

    I have a bitmap in a cell..

    I can size it but am having trouble trying to center the bitmap in the cell..

    is there a way to do this ?

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    Re: Centering A Picture In A Cell

    This function takes a shape and a range of cell(s) over which to center the shape.

    Sub aTest() 
        CenterMe ActiveSheet.Shapes(1), Range("D9") 
    End Sub 
    Sub CenterMe(Shp As Shape, OverCells As Range) 
        With OverCells 
            Shp.Left = .Left + ((.Width - Shp.Width) / 2) 
            Shp.Top = .Top + ((.Height - Shp.Height) / 2) 
        End With 
    End Sub 


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