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Thread: Vlookup In Access

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    Vlookup In Access


    How can you do a vlookup in a query in Access? In the attached database, I have two tables. The first table is labelled "Data", the second table is labelled "Change Project Numbers". I'd like to do a query that will list all the data in the "Data" table, but change the project number to the "revised" project number from the "Change Project Numbers" table by using a vlookup. Then, if possible, I'd like to sum the data for each (revised) project number. I did this using two queries, shown below, but it would be great if it could be done in one query using vlookup (or some other way). Thanks!

    Table1 (Data):
    Project Number Qty Dollars
    D-12123-08 5.00 10.00
    D-12123-08 34.00 26.00
    D-12123-08 12.00 560.00
    D-12456-76 23.00 1,000.00
    D-12456-76 12.00 3,444.00
    D-12789-78 34.00 6,000.00
    D-12789-78 10.00 4,000.00

    Table2 (Change Project Numbers):
    Orig Project Number Revised Project Number
    D-12789-78 D-12456-76


    Project Number Rev Proj Num Qty Dollars
    D-12123-08 D-12123-08 5.00 10.00
    D-12123-08 D-12123-08 34.00 26.00
    D-12123-08 D-12123-08 12.00 560.00
    D-12456-76 D-12456-76 23.00 1,000.00
    D-12456-76 D-12456-76 12.00 3,444.00
    D-12789-78 D-12456-76 34.00 6,000.00
    D-12789-78 D-12456-76 10.00 4,000.00

    Rev Proj Num SumOfQty SumOfDollars
    D-12123-08 51 596
    D-12456-76 79 14444

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    Re: Vlookup In Access

    One query should be possible.

    Try to create a new query, add the first two tables, join the two tables on the old progect code and then drag only the final fields )new code, qty, value) that you want in to the query. Switch to summary view and group by the new code and sum the other two fields.


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    Re: Vlookup In Access

    Here's the MS Access SQL:

    Sum(tblData.Qty) AS SumOfQty,
    Sum(tblData.Dollars) AS SumOfDollars
    INNER JOIN tblRevisedNumbers
    ON tblData.Project_Number = tblRevisedNumbers.Orig_Project_Number
    GROUP BY tblRevisedNumbers.Revised_Project_Number;

    The result is:
    Revised_Project_Number SumOfQty SumOfDollars
    D-12456-76 44 10000

    I hope that the Table names are self explanatory.


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