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Thread: multiple "like" conditions

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    26th May 2006

    multiple "like" conditions

    Hi all;

    I use 'like' statements in vba fairly regularly- example:

     passcheck = activecell like "*Pass*"
    'and then..
    if passcheck = true then
       totalpasscount = totalpasscount + 1
    end if
    i was wondering if anyone knew a way to add more than one condition to a "like" statement- such as...

    passcheck = activecell like "Pass","P","*ass"

    which would sure help cause then i wouldnt have to code the same cellcheck 3 times. anyone know if its possible?


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    26th May 2006

    Re: multiple "like" conditions

    actually... the more i think about it, the more i doubt its an option.

    i actually need it to set the cell check to true based on an OR statement: such as:

     redwhitenbluecheck = activecell like "red" OR "white" OR "blue"
    anyway, if you have any input, its appreciated. =)

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