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Thread: Remove white space

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    17th October 2005

    Remove white space

    Does anyone know how i might remove white space using excel?

    Its driving me crazy - as i have a huge list of words.

    An example

    I would like "Test -test2 -test3"

    To be "Test-test2-test3"

    The main problem is that it sees -test2 as a =functrion.

    Anyone know how i might do this?

    I would really appreciate any help.

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    24th January 2003

    Re: Remove white space

    =TRIM(A1) and copy down. Then copy and paste special as values.

    Or, select the data and go to Edit>Replace and Replace " " and leave the Replace with box blank.

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    4th July 2004

    Re: Remove white space

    Try the following...

    1) Select the range of cells containing your list of words

    2) Edit > Replace

    3) Find what: press the space bar and hyphen

    4) Replace with: leave empty

    5) Click 'Replace All'

    6) Click Ok

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