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Thread: Return row where page break occurs

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    Return row where page break occurs


    I want to find, with vba, which row a page break occurs. I am formatting some worksheets and each one will have a different number of rows on the first page due to the fact that I'm autofitting rows. For example, in one sheet, the first page may end at line 40, while on a different sheet it may end on 36 due to text wrapping and autofit. I simply need help storing the row number into a variable and I can take it from there.



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    Re: Return row where page break occurs

    Hi Scott

    This should get you there
    Sub GetPageBreaksRows()
    Dim hPB As HPageBreak
    Dim lRow As Long
        If ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.Count > 0 Then
            For Each hPB In ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks
                lRow = hPB.Location.Row
                MsgBox lRow
            Next hPB
        End If
    End Sub

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