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Thread: DGet vs Vlookup

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    DGet vs Vlookup


    I'm new to the forum although I'm a great fan of the news letter. Reading thro' it I learnt that using DGet instead of VLookup will speed up my spread sheets. The question is how to use DGet.
    I have 2 big tables. In Table 1 I have the Customers details; for every register I have a unique Customer number. In the other, Table 2, I have only the Customer number and the VLookup formula fills in some of the data that is in Table 1.
    Can I accomplish the same task with DGet?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DGet vs Vlookup

    Hi Ricardo

    Let me first welcome you to OzGrid!

    I don't think it's a good strategy to follow. See also the attachment with an example. If you have many customers, you will have to replicate the criteria each time. Given the unique customer number, functions like VLOKKUP, MATCH, INDEX etc. will be far better IMO.

    For another example, have a look at this link.

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    Re: DGet vs Vlookup

    Thank you Wigi. Now it's clear to me.

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