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Thread: Adding Cell Values From One Worksheet To Another Worksheet

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    Adding Cell Values From One Worksheet To Another Worksheet

    I am working with several worksheets in a file. The first sheet is going to be a "grand total" sheet. I want to accumulate numeric data in cell B10 on all other sheets to a total in cell C14 on the "grand total" (first) sheet.
    Can anybody help? P L E A S E???

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    Re: Help: Adding Cell Values From One Worksheet To Another Worksheet

    Hi MrJay

    Welcome to ozgrid.

    Please read THIS PAGE IN FULL.

    You have use the superfluous word "Help" even though it states non the New Thread page not to. Please take more care in future.

    In regards to you question. In the cell on the Grand Total sheet type


    Then use your mouse pointer to select the the first sheet, then select the needed Cell(s). Finally hold down the Shift key and click the last sheet and you should end up with a SUM formula


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    Re: Adding Cell Values From One Worksheet To Another Worksheet

    check these free examples, look at the Summary examole
    Hope that Helps


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