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Thread: Application.DisplayAlerts = False (not working!)

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    Application.DisplayAlerts = False (not working!)

    I am trying to get this code to work without getting that darn file already exist message. I read through the forum to get any other ideas other than the Application.DisplayAlerts = False, but I am lost...I don't know why the message still appears...anyone? Thanks for your help!

    Sub saveWkbk() 
         '  Macro Recorded by Shawn Lollis
        Dim pathStr As String 
        pathStr = ThisWorkbook.Path 
        ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=pathStr & "/MON2707.xls" 
        Application.DisplayAlerts = False 
        msg = "Monday Sales & Control Numbers are now updated." 
        msg = msg & Chr(13) & Chr(13) 
        msg = msg & "You are ready to e-mail file to Admin. Office." 
        msg = msg & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & Chr(13) 
        msg = msg & "Press OK to continue." 
        Title = "Confirmation of Monday Update" 
        Ans = MsgBox(msg, vbExclamation, Title) 
    End Sub 

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    Re: Application.DisplayAlerts = False (not working!)

    Shouldn't you have the code to turn of alerts before the code to save the workbook?

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    Re: Application.DisplayAlerts = False (not working!)

    I believe norie is right on target.

    Also, make sure you turn the alerts back on before you leave the macro (probably should do it as soon as you've finished with the area where you want alerts surpressed. Otherwise Excel will leave them turned off even after the macro has finished.

    Application.DisplayAlerts = True
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    Re: Application.DisplayAlerts = False (not working!)

    lol...omg...I knew it had to be something simple, but that was it! Thanks a bunch!


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