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Thread: Unable to read file appears for no apparant reason

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    Unable to read file appears for no apparant reason

    Good day everyone

    I have recently started getting the 'Unable to read file' message on opening Excel(2002 SP3) or any excel file using a desktop shortcut. This only started happening after I had created a VBA routine in the PERSONAL workbook.

    The odd thing is if I click OK in the 'Unable to read file' dialogue box it (the dialogue box) appears again and if I click a second time the programme, or file, opens and runs with no problems at all.

    If I open a file using file open from within Excel I do not get the message???

    I have tried deleting the PERSONAL workbook to no avail.

    Not devastating but extremely irritating.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is occuring and how to fix it?

    regards to all


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    8th February 2005

    Re: Unable to read file appears for no apparant reason

    I was able to rescue "most" of my corrupt file using Open Office (http://www.openoffice.org/). Whew! The workbook I had contained multiple worksheets. OO did not recover a couple of the bigger worksheets, but those aren't the ones I needed. You might give OO a try.

    I also tried the demo of "Recovery for Excel 3.0", found at http://www.conceptdata.com/excel/order.htm. The demo "appears" to have recovered everything. After the first few rows, it puts "demo" in the cells, so I can't be sure if everything was totall recovered or not. But it looks okay so far. However, since the full version is $149 and OO got what I needed, I'm not making the purchase right now.

    I tried the suggestion of using a previous version of Excel (97), but that didn't work. (I'm using 2000 on WinXP-Pro, SP-2.)

    I got the tips by doing a search on "unable to open file" on the forum at http://www.officekb.com/.


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    16th May 2007

    Re: Unable to read file appears for no apparant reason

    I had the same problem, excel 2000 file with multi worksheets didn't save properly, so the fault was mine, but I never saw the problem before, I saved it anyway under its own name (should have saved as another name!!) then once I tried to bring it back up, got an unable to read file dialog. A whole day's work potentially lost!! Downloaded OpenOffice as recommended in above post, darned if it didn't work, brought back the file. The only difference I could note was that special cell names I had assigned were somewhat different (The same cell in each worksheet was named A, now each worksheet varied it by naming it A_1 A_2 A_3 etc, which was not that bad to work with.
    Just wanted to thank the Original Poster and let people know that http://www.openoffice.org/index.html worked for me!

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    24th September 2005

    Re: Unable to read file appears for no apparant reason

    You might like to check the XLSTART folders,various located about your machine.
    User, Alluser, program files etc and see if there are any referances to nonexistant files.
    Can happen when you create a personal XLS and then move or delete it.

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