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Thread: UserForm: Show/Hide Command Buttons

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    (Solved) UserForm: Show/Hide Command Buttons

    Greetings all...

    I have a multipage user form with up to 5 pages. I want to give the user buttons at the bottom to navigate (eg Next, Previous, Cancel...) but I don't want all the buttons to appear on each of the 5 pages.

    For example, on the very first page I don't want the Previous command button to show and on the very last page I don't want the Next command button to show.

    I know how to set the display of the first page's buttons based on the Initialize event combined with the Enabled = True/False property. But how do I set the Enabled property for the other pages? I tried it in the Initialize section of the user form code but that only seems to set the first page even though I coded all of them. Is there some sort of UserForm event like there are for Worksheets to detect changes?

    I know I can duplicate all of the buttons inside the multipage control and only put the ones I want on each page but this seems like a lot of extra work. I would like to have them below the multipage frame and just enable/disable their display based on the page I am on in the user form.

    Hopefully this makes some sense... BTW, Excel 2003 on Win XP.


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    Hi Excelboy

    You would use the MultiPage Change Event to Enable/Disable Next & Previous buttons, e.g;
    Private Sub MultiPage1_Change() 
        Select Case MultiPage1.Value 
        Case 0 'Page1
        Case 1 'page2
        End Select 
    End Sub 

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    Your code works perfectly for my form. Thanks for the help!


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