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Thread: what does vbnullstring do?

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    30th June 2004

    what does vbnullstring do?

    I "stole" this format from an old thread.......It has to check if the dateformat is correct in the textbox......does the job perfect.....just for my understanding....what does the first equation do? Don't get this nullstring?

    Private Sub txtbRolldate_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) 
         'checks if the date is the right format
        [B]If txtbRolldate = vbNullString Then Exit Sub[/B] 
        If Not IsDate(txtbRolldate) Then 
            MsgBox "Invalid date format. Please use 'dd-mm-yy' only" 
            txtbRolldate = vbNullString 
            Cancel = True 
            txtbRolldate = Format(txtbRolldate, "dd-mm-yy") 
        End If 
    End Sub 

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    11th August 2004
    if nothing has been entered into the text box, exit the sub and presumably the user can try again. vbNullString is a built-in vb constant which is used to check for any empty string.

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    30th June 2004
    thank you very much........helped on my understanding

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