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Thread: Substring! HELP

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    13th December 2016

    Substring! HELP

    Hi all, i need some help regarding SQL.

    i have a column in a table (let's say A.) which contains data like this:

    Computacenter AG & Co oHG
    WA DET
    LENOVO C/O DHL Supply Chain
    Deutsche Telekom / T-Systems

    what i need is to be able to identify names from those lines, for example Fournier only and look for that name in another table( B), if there is a match then select the match from the table B and fill another column from table A.

    it's something like the fuzzylookup from excel.

    problem: i do not know when the name is going to appear, i do not know the lenght nor the start. it could be in the middle, start or end.

    do you know if this is going to have any kind of solution? i've tried with the substring, however it's not solving my problem.

    thanks in advance!

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    25th November 2006

    Re: Substring! HELP


    You can test following formula

    Hope this will help

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