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Thread: VBA - Refer to a Column in Cell

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    VBA - Refer to a Column in Cell


    But I want to make it dynamic where DD and DI are listed in cells say A1 and A2. How do I convert the syntax to reference the cells?

    Thank you in advance! I am super bad at syntax... I tired Columns(Range("A1") & ":" & Range("A2")).Select

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    Re: VBA - Refer to a Column in Cell

    Hi toofxd, and welcome to the forum!
    You were close. Need to specify that you wanted the values from those ranges. Could do this in one step, but spacing it out for visibility
    Sub ExampleCode() 
        Dim firstCol As String 
        Dim secCol As String 
         'What cells are our controls in?
        firstCol = Range("A1").Value 
        secCol = Range("A2").Value 
         'Use that info to build our range string
        Range(firstCol & ":" & secCol).FillRight 
    End Sub 
    Best Regards,
    Luke M
    "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

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