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Thread: Open an Excel workbook from MS Access

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    Ok, this is nothing really new, however it does seem to be quite a common question, so for want of another better place to put it.

    This code will run from a normal command button placed on an Access form

    Private Sub CmdOpenExcel_Click() 
         'WillR - opens the specified Spreadsheet
        Dim xlApp As Excel.Application 
        Dim xlWB As Excel.Workbook 
        Set xlApp = New Excel.Application 
        With xlApp 
            .Visible = True 
            Set xlWB = .Workbooks.Open("R:\path\path2\path3\xlfilename.xls", , False) 
        End With 
    End Sub 
    Hope it helps - I have found it useful.

    NB: You will need to set a reference to the Excel Object Library in the Visual Basic Editor in MS Access.

    To do this,

    Open the Access VBE (ALT + F11)
    Go to Tools|References
    Check the box next to the relevant Excel Library (for example Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library if using Office 2000)
    Click OK
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