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Thread: Export sheet as UTF-8 CSV file (using Excel-VBA)

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    Export sheet as UTF-8 CSV file (using Excel-VBA)

    I would like to export a file I have created in UTF-8 CSV using VBA. From searching message boards, I have found the following code that converts a file to UTF-8 (from this thread):
    Sub SaveAsUTF8() 
        Dim fsT, tFileToOpen, tFileToSave As String 
        tFileToOpen = InputBox("Enter the name and location of the file to convert" & vbCrLf & "With full path and filename ie. C:\MyFolder\ConvertMe.Txt") 
        tFileToSave = InputBox("Enter the name and location of the file to save" & vbCrLf & "With full path and filename ie. C:\MyFolder\SavedAsUTF8.Txt") 
        tFileToOpenPath = tFileToOpen 
        tFileToSavePath = tFileToSave 
    Set fsT = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream"): 'Create Stream object
    fsT.Type = 2: 'Specify stream type – we want To save text/string data.
    fsT.Charset = "utf-8": 'Specify charset For the source text data.
    fsT.Open: 'Open the stream
    fsT.LoadFromFile tFileToOpenPath: 'And write the file to the object stream
    fsT.SaveToFile tFileToSavePath, 2: 'Save the data to the named path
    End Sub 

    However, this code only converts a non-UTF-8 file to UTF-8. If I were to save my file in non-UTF-8 and then convert it to UTF-8, it would have already lost all the special characters it contained, thus rendering the process pointless!

    What I'm looking to do is save an open file in UTF-8 (CSV). Is there any way of doing this with VBA?

    Edit: I have now asked this question on Stack Overflow as well, due to lack of response here.
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    Re: Export sheet as UTF-8 CSV file (using Excel-VBA)

    sorry... didnt see your question before now...this might help... http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=164547

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