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Thread: Rank Values By Bold Font

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    Rank Values By Bold Font

    Hi all!

    In the below example i need to only rank the topline (bold records) and ignore all the other values from the value column when ranking. The excel rank formula ranks "office" as 3 because "detached" (which is a row to be ignored when ranking) has a higher value. It should however be ranked 2 as i have manually illustrated below...Note the bold rows are a total of the regular font rows directly below it...

    Any ideas on a formula that can help me rank only the values in bold while ignoring all other values from the column?


    Rank Description Value
    1 House 5,000,000
    Detached 3,000,000
    Semi 1,000,000
    Terrace 1,000,000
    2 Office 2,000,000
    1st Floor 1,000,000
    2nd Floor 1,000,000

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    Re: Rank select cells only from a column

    UDF, if you like

    1) Hit Alt + F11 to open VBE
    2) go to [Insert] - [Module] then paste the code onto the right pane.
    3) hit Alt + F11 again to get back to excel

    Use like


    Function RankBold(myvalue, rng As Range, order) As Long 
        Dim x As Range, r As Range, n As Long 
        For Each r In rng.Columns(1).Cells 
            If r.Font.Bold Then 
                If x Is Nothing Then 
                    Set x = r(, 2) 
                    Set x = Union(x, r(, 2)) 
                End If 
            End If 
        RankBold = WorksheetFunction.Rank(myvalue, x, order) 
    End Function 

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