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Thread: VBA: Close program

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    10th September 2003
    I am having difficulty closing a external program from within xcel.
    I have a macro that opens one of two programs that import data from the com port. There are times when I need to close one program and open the other.
    The code I use to open the program is:

    Sub OpenDetails()
    ' OpenDetails Macro

    ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+s
    On Error Resume Next
    RetVal = Shell("C:\Program Files\METTLER TOLEDO\BalanceLink\BAL32.exe")
    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:02")) 'Give time to load
    AppActivate Application.Caption

    Sheets("Detail").Visible = True
    Sheets("Instructions").Visible = False

    End Sub
    Can anyone help please?

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    7th March 2003
    Essex, England
    Hi Johnc and welcome,

    Try this example, which opens and then closes NotePad.
    Sub CloseNotePad() 
        If Range("TaskID").Value > 0 Then 
            ' Close know copy of note pad 
            AppActivate Range("TaskID").Value 
            Application.SendKeys "%{F4}", True 
        End If 
    End Sub 
    Sub LoadNotePad() 
        ' Open Notepad And return program's task ID 
        Range("TaskID").Value = Shell("C:\notepad.EXE", 1) 
    End Sub 
    You will need to change the path in the Shell command.

    The Range("TaskID") is a single cell named range.

    Hopefully you can adapt this to suit your application.


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