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Thread: Application.FileSearch In Excel 2010

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    criciuma Guest

    Application.FileSearch In Excel 2010

    Hi guys!
    I got this macro that opens all the files in the folder where the already opened file is located.It was functioning normally.
    However, now I am using the Excel 2010 and it is not working anymore.
    Which adjustment should I make it it still works in excel 2010?

    PHP Code:
    Dim i As Integerwb As Workbook

    On Error Resume Next

    With Application
    .LookIn ActiveWorkbook.Path
    .SearchSubFolders False
    .Filename "*.xls"

    For 1 To .FoundFiles.Count

    Set wb 

    Next i

    End With 

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    Re: Application.FileSearch In Excel 2010

    This is not your first post, and by now you would have been well aware of the forum rules. To reiterate, please take note of the following regarding thread titles:

    Thread titles are used in searching the forum, therefore, it is vital the be written to accurately describe your _thread content or overall objective_ using ONLY *search friendly key words*.

    * The title must not use non-essential words such as:"Help needed", "Formula problem", "Please help", "urgent", "Code issue", "Need Advice", etc. Such words dilute the title/search results.
    * The title should not contain VBA code or formula syntax or use abbreviations, jargon, delimiters
    * The title should not assume or anticipate a solution as in referencing Excel functions or VBA methods - the actual solution is often quite different

    Please note the change to your title, which is based on the objective stated in your thread.

    Application.FileSearch has been removed from Excel 2007 and 2010

    Try Substitute For Application.FileSearch

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    criciuma Guest

    Re: Application.FileSearch In Excel 2010

    Thanks for changing. I hadn't noticed my title wasn't clear.

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