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Thread: Basic UserForm Tutorial

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    Basic UserForm Tutorial

    I am new to userforms in vba, and I can't find what I a looking for using the search feature. I need a userform to open when a workbook is opened . I want it to display 2 boxes (frames, labels?) that are directly linked to 2 volatile cells. I also need 3 more boxes that are input boxes and can verify an input against a database (text only). Please help!

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    Re: Userform Basics

    There are many tutorials availabe via a general search on Google using the terms VBA USerform Tutorials

    Here is one link: http://www.exceltip.com/st/Create_Us...Excel/629.html

    Your post should be in question form, but you have asked for "Basic Userform" help, thus the above link. Try the tutorial (and other via a search), then post back with a specific question on "How do I . . ." (one question per thread per Forum rules).

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