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    1. Please use code tags when posting code.
      [code]YOUR CODE HERE BETWEEN THE 2 TAGS[/code]
      Or, highlight your code and click the # button.
    2. Thread Titles MUST aptly and concisely describe your problem.
    3. No double posting. This is because double posts are wasting the time of volunteers by them answering the post when the post may have already been answered.
    4. Do not cross-post without supplying a link to the duplicate question on the other forum.
    5. Never be rude. Please take the time to thank those who took their time to help you..
    6. Never be rude to the person you're helping
    7. No asking to crack passwords of any kind.

      Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and making the forum a better place.

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    Anatomy of a Good Thread Title

    Thread titles are used in searching the forum, therefore, it is vital they be written to accurately describe your thread content or overall objective using ONLY search friendly key words. That is, your title used as search terms would return relevant results.

    The title must not use non-essential words such as:"Help needed", "Formula problem", "Please help", "urgent", "Code issue", "Need Advice", etc. Such words dilute the title/search results.
    The title should not contain VBA code or formula syntax or use abbreviations, jargon, delimiters (e.g. slashes, commas, colons, etc)
    The title should not assume or anticipate a solution as in referencing Excel functions or VBA methods - the actual solution is often quite different