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Writing COM Add-ins

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Add-in Express .NET Start. The feature-rich technology of Add-in Express .Net makes COM add-ins development quick and easy. Add-in Express implements everything required by the supported technologies and you concentrate on the applied code only.

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1. Create a new COM add-in project with Add-in Express Wizard

In VS IDE, select the "New | Project:" item on the main menu, and run the "ADX COM Add-in" wizard in the "Other Projects | Extensibility Projects" item of the "New Project" dialog box.

COM Add-in specific wizard

Seelct a project type and click Finish.

Add-in Express .Net Wizard

The wizard generates a new add-in solution including the main project with an add-in's RAD module, the setup project and the shim (optional), and opens it.

COM Add-in Module for C++, C#, VB or J#

2. Customize your add-in

In the Solution Explorer window, select the add-in module, activate the Properties window, name your add-in via the AddInName property (this name will appear in the COM Add-ins dialog box of the host applications), and select the host applications you need in the SupportedApps property.

You can create a shared COM add-in. For Excel, Word and Outlook, for example.

3. Add a new command bar

To add a new command bar click one of the Add Command Bar links on the Properties window.

How to add a new command bar to the add-in module

In the Properties window, name the added command bar via the CommandBarName property and select its position via the Position property.

How to specify command bar properties

4. Add a new button to the command bar

In the Properties windows, select the Controls property, run its editor, click the Add button.

How to add a new button, an edit box, a combo box to the command bar

Then name the added button via the Caption property and close the collection editor.

To handle the button click select the added button and add the OnClick event handler in the Properties window .

How to handle command bar button click

private void adxCommandBarButton1_OnClick(object Sender)
   MessageBox.Show("I've done it!");

5. Register and run the add-in

Close all the applications that you have selected as add-in's host applications, save the project, and compile it. Run one of the selected host applications, find your toolbar and click the button.

A COM add-in for Excel in Action


Add-in Express .NET Start.

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