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You can interact with the database directly through worksheets to set up data or to provide a display of results.

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Worksheet Functions

  • Database data can be retrieved directly through Logic Architect functions.
  • Individual records or summaries can be obtained, with data selection.
  • Existing worksheets using functions such as VLOOKUP, SUMIF or DSUM can be easily converted.

Data Display

  • Data can be displayed either as a table, or one record at a time using the worksheet as a form.
  • There is full control over the choice of fields, record sequence, layout and format of the data on the worksheet.
  • Data can be placed anywhere within any worksheet which can contain whatever other information is required.
  • Controls are provided to browse through the data.
  • For tabular data, if there are more records to display than space provided, a scrollbar is placed beside the table.


  • Data may be read-only or can be updated, and standard formats are available for each of these.
  • Records can also be inserted or deleted.
  • Formats can be changed dynamically, so fields may be displayed/updated depending on values in other fields.
  • There is extensive validation both on individual data fields and on the relationship between database files.

Dropdown Lists

  • Where a data field is based on values from a second database file, a dropdown list may be automatically generated for the field values, and may be based on any fields from the second file.
  • Dropdown lists can also be generated for use anywhere in a worksheet, and contents can be selected based on other worksheet values.


  • Data may be selected either directly by the user or based on values on a worksheet.
  • Where multiple linked database files are displayed, values in one file may be automatically based on the current record in a second file.


  • Worksheets can be shown in windows, either singly (with or without sheet tabs) or popup windows may be generated.
  • Windows are sized automatically and scrollbars included only if needed.

The display of data is illustrated below:

When Logic Architect is started, selected fields from the database file are displayed. The Logic Architect command bar is docked at the top of the screen, and unnecessary screen elements have been hidden. This example shows default formats. Only sufficient records to fill the defined space are displayed, and controls are provided to browse the remaining records.

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