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Excel Split Panes

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Using Split Panes to View the Same Worksheet

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Split Panes

A very handy feature of Excel is its ability to allow you view more than one copy of your worksheet, and for you to be able to scroll through each pane of your worksheet independently.  You can do this by using a feature called Split Panes, which will allow you to split your worksheet both horizontally and vertically.

When you split panes.  The panes of your worksheet work simultaneously.  If you make a change in one, it will simultaneously appear in the other.  If you wish to move the split, just place your mouse over it, hold down your left mouse button and drag to where you want it.  To get rid of the split, just double click it, or go to Window>Remove Split.

Horizontal Split

To create a horizontal split in your worksheet, highlight the row where you wish the split to be placed, go to Window>Split and you will see a line appear across your worksheet.  

Vertical Split

To create a vertical split, highlight the column where you wish the split to be placed, go to Window>Split and you will see a line appear down the your worksheet.  

To create a Horizontal and Vertical Split

Click in a single cell of your worksheet and go to Window>Split.  This will break your worksheet into four panes with a vertical and horizontal line. 

A quick way to create a horizontal split, is to go to the split box tool at the top of the vertical scroll bar, hold your left mouse button down and drag to your desired location.  To quickly create a vertical split, use the split box tool at the far right of the horizontal scroll var.

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